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Went there to pick up two pairs of glasses with my wife - went OK, she was satisfied with her purchase, BUT - I asked them to adjust my glasses and they said sure. I handed them over and when Lori returned with them, the lenses were damaged. They were high index lenses, and she must have hit them with a lot of heat when she adjusted the temples, and now the lenses are crazed (lots of hairline cracks in the surface, everything looks cloudy) - completely unusable.

She wouldn't admit to damaging them - said the lenses were that way when I arrived - ridiculous since I wore them there, and couldn't see out of them after the "adjustment". Spoke to the manager and she only offered to give me 50% off a new set of lenses which amounted to $125 for clear single vision 1.59 index polycarbonate lenses.

I left disgusted.

I ended up replacing the lenses at Costco for $113 (single vision, 1.59 polycarbonate lenses WITH anti-reflective coating AND Transitions auto darkening). Way less than Visionworks "discounted" price. The Costco optician said they take high index lenses out of the frames before making any adjustments to avoid damaging the lenses. Visionworks should get a clue.

I'll never go back. A free adjustment cost me over $100 because they made a big mistake and wouldn't fix it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Visionworks Repair.

Monetary Loss: $113.

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Same here, both progressive lenses ruined. Hazy, distorted vision.

Went back in store, a different associate waited on me, said she didn't see anything. I insisted, marks not there when I came in. Adjusting lady came out from back, held them up to light, said immediately she saw it.

Upshot was, same as you say....heat crazes the lenses.

I said I should have left well enough alone, worn the glasses crooked...at least I'd still be able to see. Associate says" I knew the marks were there, I wasn't sure you would see them." Really?

I am getting a new pair of frames and lenses, two weeks !!!!

Wrote to company to complain. Will never go to Visionworks again.....


I had the samw issue with lenses being ruined while using heat to adjust the frames. They ordered new lenses because mine were.

Les than a yr old, but never got an apology for the inconvenience. I'm done with visionworks.

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