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I needed new lenses for my glasses because mine were scratched up. I saw a sale from Visionworks for $99 for two pairs of bifocals so I brought in two pairs of my own glasses just to be copied into new frames.

I wanted bifocals and the sales girl kept saying "no-line Bi-focals" and I would say yes, bifocals, one with transitions. I was told 10 days and I left. I went back 10 days later after getting a call that they were ready. Both pairs were made wrong.

Both were made as progressive which, as I just found out at t, are no-line bifocals. You would think the sales person would have told me that. Then when I went to pick up the bifocals the lens cutting tech made them with the measurements from the progressives and never bothered to ask me to come in to be re-measured for the bifocals so the bifocals came in with the line right in the middle of my eye when it should have been way below it. So again, they had to be remade and again, they would not rush them.

This time though I called my bank and stopped payment and let them hold on to the one pair of glasses while I had the second pair at home. Shortly after I left and went to do some shopping and then got home I got a call from Amy, the supervisor who would not stop eating to talk to me, called to appologize not for not talking to me but for the mistake. I told her that I stopped the money and kept one pair of glasses until this is all corrected. She promised to have then rushed for this past Monday, 5/20/19.

I called on Monday and of course they were not ready and Amy was not in and I got the same answer for Tuesday. On Wednesday I was told the same thing but this time after I hung up I called their corporate office again in Houston and explained what was still going on. They said they would call the store and someone would get back to me. Ten minutes later I got a call from the manager, Gina, who told me the lenses just came in from UPS.

It seems a bit convenient that they just came in 10 min after I called the corporate office so I don't know what was going on there today but Gina did say to come in and they would take the measurement and cut the lenses to size while I waited, which they did. After all that, three weeks of waiting and the same pair of glasses made wrong twice, I finally have the right glasses.

Reason of review: I can see again.

Visionworks Cons: Customer service was terrible.

  • Bad Customer Service
  • Davis Visionworks Broadway Plaza
  • Davis Visionworks Bronx Ny
  • Lab Made Glasses Wrong Twice
  • Supervisor Not In
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