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BEWARE!!!! I recently had an Insurance Billing error for an eye exam at Visionworks at the 2156 E. Williamsfield Rd. San Tan Mall Gilbert Arizona and after contacting my Insurance company Avesis, they stated it was an easy mistake to fix and directed me how to simply resolve the issue with Visonworks. So, I head back to Visionworks, unknowingly entering into the worst customer service experience that I’ve ever been a part of with Visionworks General Manager, Courtney Brown, guiding me through this Visionworks nightmare.

Walking into Visionworks I was directed to the already unhappy General Manager, Courtney Brown, to begin my story, which ended up feeling more like an interrogation. As I started explaining the problem to the Visionworks General Manager, she was rolling her eyes, not listening, and just waiting for me to stop talking so she could jump on me about how I was mistaken and that I obviously misheard her Visionworks employee, making sure I knew I was wrong about Avesis ‘s “BACK OUT OF THE CLAIM” explanation because ”that’s not how it works.” She kept referring to it as “services rendered,” stating how Avesis and Visionworks will “never back out of services rendered.” After receiving a long lecture and being educated on the eyecare business ethics from this General Manager, Courtney Brown, in front of other customers and nearby employees, as if she was showing them how to set a customer straight. After her passive-aggressive comments about my integrity, I then pleaded with Courtney to contact Avesis, which she did with frustration as if I was wasting her time, but Courtney did get Avesis on the phone, and after a quick explanation to an Avesis customer service representative (with a undertone that the customer in front of her was a liar), it seemed Courtney now was agitated with the outcome of the call. I could hear her talking down to the representative and responses stating “It’s not that I’m refusing to do it, it’s just not how Visionworks does it,“ and “If I do this for the customer, we won’t get paid for 15 days and will need to make the customer wait.” After a long pause from Courtney, which I assume that the Avesis agent was explaining the process, Courtney just stated, “well I can’t do this at this location, all our claims go through the corporate office in Texas, so I’m going to have to call back,“ hanging up on the Avesis representative. I then suggested to Courtney that I would just pay the $39 in question and wait the time she needed if this would help the issue and open up the benefits, but Courtney just stated very rudely “That’s not going to work. I’ll need to contact Texas tomorrow and I’ll call you back,“ as if I just destroyed her next work day. Courtney then took my contact information and as I started walking out, she obviously changed her mind, stating I needed to ask one of the employees on the floor for her card because she gets really busy, so it would be best for me to call her instead.

I walked into Visionworks at the 2156 E. Williamsfield Rd. location, to get two pairs of glasses only to walking out empty handed, publicly embarrassed, Insurance stolen, spoken to like a child, and my integrity questioned, all in front of Visionworks customers and employees.

Review about: Visionworks Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #1209002

I have not had good service from the Williams Field Road location as well. I did have a customer service rep talk down to me as well.

I am still unhappy with my glasses.

Now I have gone to this location to get an adjustment made and cannot seem to it right. I am trying Ellsworth Loop location tomorrow.


Wow! Must be part of their training.

Customer service and knowledge has gone (majorly) downhill at the Stillwater, MN location also.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #871557

I hope that you didnt leave your complaint there. I'd suggest you contact the district manager or corporate office until you get some satisfaction.


You go to a mall for an eye exam and wonder why the service is sub par. Maybe you would like to have your next annual visit at the 7-11 down the road.

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