Visionworks runs both print and television ads that if you "buy one pair you get one free". This is not the case.

When I spoke to customer service at corporate I had an explanation. The online coupon states "No exceptions". Customer service explained that when you are quote a pair they give you the best discount they can. So when you ask for a second pair it is double the original quote.

They have an unpublished full list price which tells you what to saved. This is the most convoluted marketing plan I have even seen and they should not be trusted for any service

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #840566

Worst eye glass experience in over 40 years. The first lenses were ground wrong making it 4 trips to get one pair of glasses.

Within 3 months the lenses coating came off and they said because I didn't purchase the best insurance I had to pay some additional cost for new lenses. 4 months latter the coating again went bad, they said if I paid an additional $40 insurance fee, they would give me their toughest coating that carried 1 year garrunty. Just short of 1 year from the original purchase date the lenses again became unsatisfactory. I returned to the store and was told I would again have to pay additional fees for replacement lenses.

I complained to the manager and showed my receipts for the 3 charges I already paid. He said let me call headquarters to see what I can arrange. It was afternoon and he couldn't through, so I left my phone number. The following day I let it go to 4 o'clock and with no call back from them, I called them.

He still said I would have to pay the added fees. I said I'd call the customer service myself. I didn't get through till the following day. Customer service said the 1 year gaurranty started the day I originally purchased the glasses, not 7 months later when I purchased the 3rd set of lenses/gauranty, and I was now 1 day past that original date.

They said I'd have buy a new pair of glasses now. I've had several sets of glasses over the past 40 years, used and cleaned them all the same.

I never had a problem with any of my other glasses before. I would not spend another dime with vision works.


I work at visionworks, and there's some merit to this one (a lot of these complaints I read and just to see how the situation the customer portrays is likely not nearly the actual case).. the sale they were running at the time tended to be roughly half off a pair of glasses (anywhere from 47-51% off depending what you got) so a pair of single vision polycarbonate lenses with clearshield non glare tended to run roughly 152 dollars, so two was 304...

and normally it would have been 250 for the lenses themselves plus the frame (so more than 304) which is the price the buy one get one was based on. So if the sales person was trying to sell you that, they were doing you a favor (or trying to) by using a little trick that a lot of us figured out in that department. The visionworks marketing department (who by the way are a bunch of idiots) think that a buy one get one free sale paired with a sale that gives you half off a single pair (and then not giving you buy one get one on THAT price) is somehow good. Well it's good for them, but believe me, we all agree with you on that point.

As for the 89 sale or the 49 sale, I actually think anyone who comes in and wants those deals just doesn't know what you're getting. You do NOT want those glasses. I would love to sell people glasses for 50 bucks that are good quality lenses/frames. That doesn't happen.

Those are bait and switches to get you in the door for sure, but it's like going and getting $1 dollar lobster. The low price point should scare people off, not bring them in.

But the economy is bad and some people are just desperate to see without having to eat cat food all week. So i understand.

Dallas, Texas, United States #682238

A Letter to Visionworks Customer Service

I just wanted to express my disappointment with your advertising of coupons for glasses and to later find that you cannot use the

> coupon if you use your insurance. That is the most ridiculous

> thing I have ever heard. This is your ploy to lure customers into your business and totally overcharge them. Here's my biggest problem: The sales associate informs me that in order to use the coupon I would have to pay $614.93 for my glasses and then I could get one pair free. Really, really! I would have just bought two pair of glasses for this price. The other two coupons I had for $49.95 and $89.95 was also worthless. The people in the store informed me that these glasses with these prices are all over the store and they made no attempt to help me find them at this price. They told me I would have to just look because they had sold a lot.

> Really!I almost walked out of your store, but I didn't. Now I

> wish I had since I did find that I could have bought my glasses somewhere else a lot cheaper.

> Your company is simply a rip off.


> This is my third pair of glasses that I have purchased with you and each time I do, I am so dissatisfied with the service. I know you are wondering why come back? Me too? But guess what, this is it for me, I refused to be taken for a ride with charges.

This was their response:

Dear Ms. Thompson,

Thank you for your email.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion.

We were unable to locate any purchases using your name. If you have the receipt from your purchase, please provide the transaction number, which usually appears as "000123-123456", listed at the top of the receipt, your name the same way it is listed on your receipt and the complete address and store number you went to. Please provide the information requested so that we may assist with your inquiry.

I look forward to your response to customerservice@visionworks.com with the original message attached.


Nancy K.

Internet Team Representative

Nothing but a form letter. How many normal people can afford to pay $600.00 for glasses. It just does not make sense. You have both two pair for this price. What a scam.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #616911

I was quoted $600 for two pair of identical glasses, when I balked at the price and said what would one pair cost the price came down to $250, but I thought it was two pair for the price of one? Then when I continued to leave the manager came over and tryed to offer me a better deal.

I thought to myself this is like buying a car. Now I was really pissed, I have to threaten to leave to get the best price?

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