Crystal, Minnesota

I will never go to this store again. I took my 6 year old in for an eye exam, which we waited over 45 minutes after our scheduled time.

My 6 year needed glasses, this will be his first pair. We waited another 30 minutes to have two boxes of frames thrown in front of us and told that's what we have to choose from because of our insurance. Now when you walk in the store there are walls and walls of beautiful frames. Little to say I felt humiliated and was lost for words trying to explain ins to a 6 year old.

We did find a frame and they broke in the first week. Took them back to be fixed never received a call kept calling with no response. months have gone by and they can't find his glasses anywhere. Received a call from a gal in the ins.

Dept cuz time has passed and ins has changed. She told us we had to come in and yes pick from another box. I told her how I felt, was givin no apologies, nothing. We went to walmart and received ninja trutle frames and lenses only paying 77 out of pocket, didn't have to choose from a certain box.

He received his glasses in 3 days and they gave a year guarantee on them.

Do I feel like I was discriminated against because of our ins. YES

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Discrimination? Sounds a bit strong when the root of the problem is poor selection offered by your insurance and poor customer service by Visionworks and your insurance company.

Many insurers negotiate special rates with specific manufacturers, you should read your policy for details so you won't be "discriminated against" in the future.

I don't work for Visionworks and am just looking for reviews before I chose.

Everything I've read so far about Visionworks is they're a chain store for glasses, like the Applebees of eye care; order your Bud Light and Cheese Burger and don't expect Campaign and Filet Mignon.


What "insurance" was it?


I work at visionworks.. I know exactly what happened here, and in no way were you being discriminated against.

This scenario plays itself out nearly every day. Those frames you got with your insurance are MA frames. Your insurance contracts through a company who provides the frames to us to offer to you and you either pay no copay or a very small copay to get a pair of glasses. Essentially free to you.

The catch is, they will ONLY cover their frames and their lenses. We are the middle man in this. We simply put the order through and fax it over to the company who makes the glasses. They then send us the pair.

They will cover a replacement pair within a year.

Now what visionworks did do here is drop the ball. For one, you weren't informed that you can get a pair for him off the wall at half off on the same day that you order the glasses (typically a hundred or so bucks, maybe less.). AND they seem to have lost your replacement pair or something.

So they screwed up a bit, but they weren't discriminating against you on your insurance. If you have a problem with the glasses your insurance provides, the best way would be to take that up with your insurance, or to get a new one.

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