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I went to a location in Clifton Park, NY. The doctor doing the exam commented when he looked at my medication list (my meds were not for anything eye-related) that it was sad that I was on "so many medications and so young." I was there for an eye exam, not an unasked for opinion on how many medications my physicians are prescribing.

Then he told me that I would probably need reading glasses at an earlier-than-usual age, in my 30's instead of in my 40's.

I asked if there was anything to do to slow the progress, and he replied in an almost snarky tone "it's a little late for that." I began sobbing when he said this so callously. He did not apologize. When I got back out to the main area to pick out frames, the salesman saw me crying too and did not apologize on behalf of the company.

Then some months later I called up because I wanted to get my pupil distance checked (so I could order eyeglasses online from a different vendor). I did not say I wanted to buy glasses online, just that I wanted the distance checked.

First the man answering the phone said I could not do a walk-in appointment for that because "we are all booked today" (how can you be booked with walk-in appointments?), so I asked him when can I make a scheduled appointment. This question was followed by such a long silence that I had to ask if he was still on the line.

He said yes, then suddenly, instead of making an appointment, he claimed that measuring pupil distance is some sort of trade-secret thing they do only when you order glasses. This is not true, as the website I wanted to order eyeglasses from said any vision center should be willing to measure it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Visionworks Eye Exam.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Visionworks Cons: Rude employees.

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