Attleboro, Massachusetts
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I bought my glasses from vision world was told it had warranty on it. Well my glasses broke took it back to get it fix and the lady told me they could not fix glasses.

Than she said I have to pay for a new pair of glasses why in the main time I can not see anything. Vision world cares about the money and the color of people they help. That is why their company is not or does not embrace diversity.

I shouldn’t have to wait a month for a new glasses and I’m paying for it. How sad after this I will totally be done with vision world if I do not sue them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Visionworks Repair.

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Visionworks is definitely not racist, They treat everyone like S@&t. I've been waiting over three weeks for the correct glasses as they keep sending the wrong prescriptions. Hang in there sister, pretty much all customer service now a days treats everyone like crap!