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Hi guys. I'm an employee at visionworks. This isn't so much a review as much as it's a kinda advice/forewarning type thing for customers who may want to go to visionworks because so many of these complaints that I'm reading (I usually read them at like 3 AM just for giggles) are just based on basic misconceptions or mistakes that I see nearly everyday. I'm not saying I think everything the company does is great, but overall it actually IS a good place to get glasses if you do it right.

1. The price on the frame is just that, the price of the frame. You pay for lenses at Visionworks separately. So factor that in when you see the frame.

2. If you're doing the Buy One Get One, you're going to pay for an entire pair. There is no discount on that pair. You are paying what we'd charge someone for ONE pair with no discounts and then getting the other pair free. That's why your bill is up around 600. The associates at visionworks are taught to sell from a top-down model. Visionworks is Retail/medical. They usually default to the top lens, they'll say that's what doc prescribes. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET THAT.. Gotta remember that. If it's too much to you, you are not obligated to buy that lens material. You can buy lesser anti glare models (there are 3 at various price points). You can purchase lesser lens materials (the lowest material is actually almost as clear as the highest, but just heavier, and not shatter or scratch resistant as well as thicker).

3. Do your homework.... To add to point 2. Know what you want before you get there. Do you want anti glare? Do you want transitions? do you want poly? If your prescription is over a +/- 5, don't listen to them when they say it'll be thinner to do trivex, take the poly. Trivex is best between +/-1 and +/- 4.50ish. I rarely try to sell it to anyone beyond that because I'd rather my patients be happy. If you've been wearing trivex before, that's difference because lens materials can cause you to have difficulty adjusting.. long story. In addition, know what your insurance covers. You get half off your 2nd pair if you use insurance on the first pair. Keep in mind, every place has a different contract with every insurance.. so Lenscrappers might be different than pearle, which may be different than Visionworks... But you should know a general outline. If you don't know who your insurance is, you aren't prepared enough to get glasses. I don't mean that to be rude, it's just true. Glasses are a big investment, have your ducks in a row. (It happens allll the time that I ask someone who their insurance is for vision and they don't know)

4. Don't go to stores without labs. The training at Visionworks for associates, can sadly be lacking. And it will depend on which store you go to. If they don't have a lab there, then all the glasses are made off site in texas and sent to the store. People who work at non lab stores tend to not know basic optical things that people who work in stores with labs pick up because our lab supervisors are telling us what to watch for. I would bet a large number of these complaints when it comes to lens quality are from non lab stores because I fix messes from non lab stores all the time.

5. Contact lens prescriptions are extra. The doc doesn't give you a choice. He fits you in what he thinks fits you best. If you have a lens you have liked and want to keep, request it during the exam. If the doc doesn't want you to keep it, he may change the RX anyways. The vast majority of the time, the doc will be cool.

6. If they wont sell you glasses/contacts on your old expired RX, it's nothing personal... It is in many cases state law.

7. Re 2/99, 60% clearance, whatever else. That is ABSOLUTELY a get you in the door sale. I like the 60% clearance one because it isn't nearly a bait and switch anymore. The 2/99 was, but this clearance one they run, they are pretty clear on the restrictions. If your intention is anything other than a cheap pair to last you more than a week, you need to count on spending MORE than 99 dollars for 2 pairs. If you're getting lasik next week and you need something to carry you over, then you're ok.

8. Get the warranty. If you don't get it, you are only protected against problems for 30 days. past 90 days (in our area) store associates are not even really allowed to make the call to make an exception without getting a manager. The manager is under pressure to keep remakes down by corporate. A lot of the time we WANT to help you but we can't. The warranty makes it a LOT easier to help people, and when you factor in how much you're paying for glasses, it's not a bad idea to protect yourself.

9. Call corporate. If you're not getting anywhere. If people are being rude, if you think that "Hey this thing broke on day 31 and I didn't get the warranty but this is BS that I have to deal with this..".. Call corporate. Number's on the bottom of your recipt. They HATE being bothered, and they HATE having to deal with angry people so they will literally give you what you want. ... in fact, you can even disregard point of advice number 8. Just call corporate. Most of these rules are only rules until someone up top has to back an employee who is just trying to enforce them. When the voice is turned on them, they tend to not be so gung ho anymore.

And finally #10. Visionworks in general has various busy and DEAD slow periods. It's rarely inbetween. Most visionworks are understaffed. If you have a doctor appointment, it'll likely be busy. I recommend getting the last one of the day if possible, or the first one... OR the last one before doc takes a lunch. If you're coming with an outside RX, if possible, come during a time when no doctor will be in. Why? it'll be quiet in there and you will be able to get more help from a lot less stressed out people. The last... 2 hours in a lot of stores are just dead. That said. The last ... say 45 minutes or so.. If you're picking up progressives (especially for the first time), if you have a major repair that you need done... That's not the time for you to come in. If that's when it's convenient for that day, maybe waiting a day or something may be better. If you are getting new glasses at 8:30 PM, and you can see clearly through them, it's astonishing. Your eyes have been wearing an old rx all day. They're used to taht and they're tired so it'll be weird to see. Not only that,

if something IS weird, most of the time it's an adjustment. I'm assuming most of the "I can't see" complaints are because the associates didn't properly adjust the glasses. You wouldn't think that's the case but if it sits wrong on your face, you see it wrong through your eyes. If you are having trouble, we have a LONNNNNG list of things to check to see if we can fix it before we are allowed to schedule with doc or do a remake. 30 minutes likely won't be enough. If you have a re-string that you need done on your rimless frames, that's a 45 minute operation sometimes and if the store hits closing time, we gotta shut down and go because if we get ONE SECOND of overtime, we get in trouble. (Also we have families and stuff that we like to see too :p )

So I hope my text wall was helpful or at least enlightening. The grammar wasn't great, but that's what you get at 4AM.

Reason of review: Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.

I liked: Variety, Price options.

I didn't like: Very corporate.

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Also an employee and long time optical associate.This advice is spot on!We check insurance but ultimately you are responsible.If you go to an out of network doctor they assume you know that .Optometrists are doctors.If using insurance we have to put it through computer,all insurances are different,copay etc.Stores tend to be slightly understaffed,but most of us give each customer 100%.Ask questions ,get prices early on and if the person waiting on you isn t listening to your needs(part of our sales process)get a manager ,call corporate or leave.


Excuses all excuses you are ***. Re string 10 min max if you know what you are doing.

Non lab stores are just as good. Its the optician that determines good or bad, you sound like a bad one


Thanks for the heads up.


Big ups on this advice (as one of those VW corporate types).


Nice! Candid.

Well done.

Public service. Gotta love it.


Hello can you tell me if the better deal is the 2 for 99$? I went in yesterday for that bogo and those sales agents tried to rip me dry with a high cost I couldn't even get my anti glare. Also what are the cost for the anti glare the highest to lowest price

Riverhead, New York, United States #1043616

Thank you for the tips. I am going tomorrow to pick out an extra pair of glasses and will definitely be keeping in mind your tip regarding the anti-glares lens.

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